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CAI is driven by a passion for Africa that connects our team of more than 300 expert consultants, on and in Africa. CAI’s tailored, client-oriented approach to analytical research, focused solely and comprehensively on Africa, ensures fully informed decision-making through customised intelligence solutions.

With our headquarters in South Africa and consultants spread across the African continent and abroad, CAI combines in-country presence and expertise with a holistic understanding of our local and international clientele, making CAI your definitive partner in Africa. Learn more about CAI.

Featured CAI Analyst

Dr Abdul Elgoni

Meet Dr Abdul Elgoni

Dr Abdul Elgoni is a Key Consultant with CAI and boasts extensive experience in the private and public sector working in health project conceptualisation, development, implementation and management with focus on monitoring, evaluation and support. Dr Elgoni specialises in HIV and AIDS, working at multi-levels from national to grassroots across the SADC region and with various international organisations, including UNICEF and the UNDP. Meet more of our expert analysts.

Featured Discussion Paper

Eritrea and Ethiopia: East Africa’s intractable conflict?

Written by Paul Pryce (1)
Friday, 19 September 2014 13:20

Tensions have endured between Eritrea and Ethiopia for decades, occasionally igniting in full-scale war. Mediation efforts by regional and international actors have so far proven futile, but there are opportunities to produce a lasting resolution. The Algiers Agreement is an existing basis, and the European Union is uniquely positioned to pursue a directive strategy toward mediation. Read more...

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