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CAI is driven by a passion for Africa that connects our team of more than 300 expert consultants, on and in Africa. CAI’s tailored, client-oriented approach to analytical research, focused solely and comprehensively on Africa, ensures fully informed decision-making through customised intelligence solutions.

With our headquarters in South Africa and consultants spread across the African continent and abroad, CAI combines in-country presence and expertise with a holistic understanding of our local and international clientele, making CAI your definitive partner in Africa. Learn more about CAI.

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James Hall

Meet James Hall

James Hall, Founding Editor of the Africa Monthly Monitors (AMMs) and critically acclaimed author, columnist and filmmaker, pioneered insider coverage and analysis of Africa, in Africa, with six books and thousands of articles and news stories for publications worldwide. Described by TIME magazine as a "Chicago-born Swazi" and by Reuters as "a seasoned African observer," Hall has garnered numerous journalism, filmmaking and photography awards. Meet more of our expert analysts.

Featured Discussion Paper

A stage-managed congress fails to tackle succession and factionalism: Is Zanu-PF digging its own grave?

Written by Sizo Nkala (1)
Monday, 19 January 2015 11:32

Amidst questions of succession raised by his withering health, Zimbabwe’s 90 year-old president, Robert Mugabe, has enacted a mass purge of his own high-ranking officials, ostensibly to clear the way for his wife Grace to assume power after he goes. But all is not yet settled. Rather than consolidating power, Mugabe’s actions have created an unsustainable level of division within the ruling party. Read more...

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